"" Paula L. Johnson: The shoemaker's children go barefoot!


The shoemaker's children go barefoot!

I admit I just don't blog enough…for my own business. However, a good chunk of my time is spent performing social media for clients. I ghost blog and ghost post to Facebook, Twitter and other channels on behalf of nearly a dozen clients.  I've been experimenting with Pinterest to prepare to ghost pin for a few clients. You can see my "pins" at Pinterest.com/PasadenaPaula. 

As for my blog, I'm going to cheat and update a few older blog posts and, well, recycle them. This summer, I'll be converting this blog and my website into a single WordPress site. Maybe that'll get me blogging on a more regular schedule.


  1. Blogging is like real Writing. Which is more like work. And time consuming. With those other channels of communication they are much more informal. One almost doesn't even need to know how to read or write - perfect for our post WW2 generation. So one can cheat with them.

    But you're a real writer. So you're without excuse! :)

  2. I write all day for clients. It's finding thime to write for my own projects that's tricky.