"" Paula L. Johnson: Get over your fear of heights on Facebook


Get over your fear of heights on Facebook

Whether you have a personal Profile or a company Page, your identifying Facebook photo does not have to be square.

Your sidebar photo (or illustration) must be 180 pixels wide, but it can be up to 540 pixels tall.  Make sure a portion of the image will work as a square avatar—that's what people will see when you post updates or comment on your friend's posts.

I often create art for Facebook Pages, Twitter profiles, and other social media sites when I design or update client websites.

To see how these images look in use, just click each client's name.

Dressed Up!, L.A.'s only eveningwear superstore
The dress in this layout can change with the store's inventory. You can change your sidebar photo as often as you'd like.

Huntington Medical Foundation
The landmark Colorado Bridge photo has been used on this medical group's website and ads.

Terri Steuben/Calm Healer
When you have a fun photo, use it prominently.

Doug Brignole 
This simple layout reflects this client's main areas of expertise.

The Joke Gym
For some people, Facebook is the first exposure to your product or company. Presenting all the key information in the sidebar graphic is a fan-friendly approach.

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