Altadena Best Fest

I was honored to be selected to design the Altadena Best Fest website.  Looking forward to attending!


Taking AIM

My first project for a new client was a full page ad.


It's grand opening deja vu for Elisa B.

Elisa B. proprietor Elisa Bruley asked me to create a postcard using a photo from her store's original grand opening 20+ years ago. She scanned the photo and I got to work! 


Got five minutes? Read a short-short story

Warning! This is a shameless plug for one of my extracurricular activities.

The Rose City Sisters is a flash fiction blog that presents a 1,000 word stories. To date, a few dozen writers from the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and India have submitted stories.

If you're having one of those days when lunch means "sandwich at desk while waiting for an important call," treat yourself to a side order of fiction.


Book design for Petrea Burchard

I've gone Hollywood! I designed Petrea Burchard's new book about acting. 

Before becoming a full-time writer, Petrea was a working actress who appeared in plays and movies, and on TV shows including ER, Joan of Arcadia, Greek, The West Wing, How I Met Your Mother and Dexter. She was also the first English voice of the space pirate Ryoko in the now-classic anime series Tenchi Muyo!

Her time-travel novel, Camelot & Vine, puts a 40-something actress in King Arthur’s court.

Act As If is now available on  Amazon! Let's do lunch! Smooches!


A movie masterpiece in under three minutes

It's Friday! Take a moment and enjoy a wonderful, wordless movie.


A new website for comedian Steve Bruner

One of the interesting side effects of having loyal, long term clients is that every few years I get the opportunity to redesign my own work.

Back in 2009, I redesigned Steve Bruner's website to better reflect his talents in stand-up comedy, acting and writing. This month, I launched a new WordPress site that includes more text, videos, a slider, and an integrated blog to replace his old Blogspot blog.

Take a look at SteveBruner.com!


A new website for novelist Désirée Zamorano

Désirée Zamorano's web presence has grown right along with her writing career. The first site I designed for her was just one page!  She asked me to expand her site before the summer release of her third book, The Amado Women. Done! Take a look at DesireeZamorano.com.


A website for writer Carrie St. Michel

Freelance writer Carrie St. Michel wrote her own web content, and then turned everything over to me with two simple directives:

1. Use pink.
2. Make it fun.

Check and check!


Book design for Seena Sharp

Competitive intelligence expert Seena Sharp asked me to turn five-dozen-plus of her SharpInsights into a book. My pleasure! 

At just 92 pages, Shake Up Your Thinking, Shape Up Your Business is a fun, fast read about new ways to look at how you market your products and services. 

Five quotations about design

Like most writers, I own a lot of books. I have books on word origins, slang, idiomatic expressions, and—my favorite—quotations. Here are a few observations on design:

"Good design is good business."
—Thomas J. Watson