A new website for comedian Steve Bruner

One of the interesting side effects of having loyal, long term clients is that every few years I get the opportunity to redesign my own work.

Back in 2009, I redesigned Steve Bruner's website to better reflect his talents in stand-up comedy, acting and writing. This month, I launched a new WordPress site that includes more text, videos, a slider, and an integrated blog to replace his old Blogspot blog.

Take a look at SteveBruner.com!


A new website for novelist Désirée Zamorano

Désirée Zamorano's web presence has grown right along with her writing career. The first site I designed for her was just one page!  She asked me to expand her site before the summer release of her third book, The Amado Women. Done! Take a look at DesireeZamorano.com.


A website for writer Carrie St. Michel

Freelance writer Carrie St. Michel wrote her own web content, and then turned everything over to me with two simple directives:

1. Use pink.
2. Make it fun.

Check and check!


Five quotations about design

Like most writers, I own a lot of books. I have books on word origins, slang, idiomatic expressions, and—my favorite—quotations. Here are a few observations on design:

"Good design is good business."
—Thomas J. Watson